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Tabletop Vaporizer by VaporBlunt, compact and fast heating with a tempeture adjusting knob and just one power button. 


Stir Knob replacement for the Vapor Blunt 2.0 


This handheld and compact unit features an all-glass air path that ensures the cleanest and best tasting vapor possible. 


The Palm 2.0 now smaller than the Palm 1.0 as well as a smoother better hit with the improved mouthpiece and screen.



The VaporBLUNT 2.0 Vaporizer is built to work for both dried blends and essential oils at any altitude; along with a sleek design that is half the size of its predecessor, the Original Vapor Blunt.


The pinnacle vaporizer from VaporBlunt, a portable vaporizer with 2 heat settings made for both dried herbs and essential oils. 


The Pinnacle Pro is our portable dry herb and essential oil vaporizer which features five different heat settings for the best vaporizing experience possible. 


The Pinnacle vaporizer DLX kit is the Pinnacle portable vaporizer built for both dried herbs and essential oils with a unquie water tool for a cleaner taste.  


The pinnacle pro vaporizer from VaporBlunt 


The VaporBLUNT 2.0 Vaporize is built to work for both dried blends and essential oils and it is now availible in the DLX kit that also includes a water tool.